autism specialist in France

Speech and Language Therapy

Individual consultations in collaboration with a team of professionals (speech and language pathologists and psychologists), specialised in the field of autism.

ABA support for children diagnosed with ASD

Assessment of the child's level of communication
Establishment of an appropriate communication system
Regular monitoring of the communication program and the evolution of the child
Orientation towards appropriate professionals for coordinated work and a team approach
Assessment of all skills to build an ABA home program :
- Training and supervision of the team at home
- Re-evaluation and updating of the program

For Communication Disorders
(Language delay, dysphasia, dyspraxia, articulation or phonological delays and disorders, dyslexia)

For English-speaking and bilingual children
Language evaluation for children of all ages
Establishment of a language re-education program
Regular monitoring
Parental guidance

Request for consultation

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