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Specialised classes

With the aim of helping more children to benefit from the behaviour therapy that she has practiced since the 1990s, Julie initiated the concept of specialised pre-school classes.
This project, which was in collaboration with a parent, led to the opening of the first “Classe Soleil” in France in 2009.

These classes aim to :

help children develop in an ordinary class which adapts to their special needs, while providing the opportunity to mix with other children
teach all the essential prerequisites of relevant behaviour and educational strategies
establish an appropriate communication system
gradually prepare the children to enroll in regular classes

Classes « Soleil »

Ecole Saint Dominique, Neuilly sur Seine and Ecole Franklin, Paris 16ème

Classes « Mésange »

CPPN (Centre Pédiatrique Paris Nord), Sarcelles

Teaching Unit

Situated in the Osiris School, Arcachon

Collaborative and parallel projects

Association ALL « Autism Let’s Link »

Founder of the association
Creation of an international network to inform families ( English speaking and French-speaking families)
Assistance to guide parents towards professionals and specialised institutions
Collaboration with National Education to place school aids specialising in the guidance of children on the autistic spectrum

CPPN Centre Pédiatrique Paris Nord

Organisation of public workshop in partnership with the CPPN at the Hôpital Parisien Paris Nord

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