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Hearing Screening and Conservation Program

Hearing is very important to an individual’s ability to listen, to learn, to progress satisfactorily in school and for speech and language development. For this reason, ABLE-Julie Tuil is taking a special interest in the hearing ability of all of our patients, including those with disabilities and across the lifespan.

Our hearing screening battery consists of three tests :

Pure tone audiometry tests an individual’s hearing acuity, or how well the individual actually hears sounds.
Impedence testing which assesses middle ear function, or how well the eardrum moves. This test gives an indication of whether or not an ear infection is present. It can also assess whether there is fluid in the middle ear, cerumen (earwax), or if a pressure equalization tube is present. Otoacoustic Emissions(DPOAEs) measure outer hair cell and inner ear function. This test estimates peripheral hearing sensitivity and functioning.

All of our screening assessments are pass/fail with fail results automatically resulting in a referral for a full audiologic assessment to an audiologist or oto-rhino-laryngologist.

In addition to screenings, we provide the following :

Routine, follow-up hearing screening monitoring
Routine, school-wide screening programs
Hearing screenings as part of our comprehensive speech-language evaluations
Counseling and education for families, educators, and other service providers
Collaboration with audiologists, school nurses, teachers, physicians, and/or other professionals to ensure appropriate follow-up and outcome

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