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Children with autism develop differently, communicate differently… It is essential to understand him/her to be able to guide the child effectively. The behaviour problems are generally caused by difficulties in communicating. Establishing an appropriate communication system with the child will help reduce behaviour problems.

Our workshops provide practical tools validated by 30 years of experience as communication specialist. It helps parents to be fully involved in their child’s education and guides professionals in the care they provide.

ABLE - Julie Tuil organizes both public and onsite workshops. The ABA method helps people communicate efficiently with their environment in order to gain greater independence.

The theory is illustrated through videos and put in practice during role plays. The goal of our workshops is to provide practical tools to apply directly with autistic people or people with communication disabilities, in order to improve their communications skills and guide them towards greater autonomy. Our workshops give you the keys to deal with difficult situations.

Workshop 1

ABA workshop : Basic Principles

Objectives :
Allow the child to communicate efficiently with his or her environment
Analyse and set up strategies to deal with inappropriate behaviour
Define relevant and effective lessons

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Workshop 2

ABA workshop : Advanced

Objectives :
Learn to encourage good behaviours: the reinforcement
Improve social skills in order to apply them on a daily basis
Address all types of lessons and teaching strategies
Learn to collect and analyse all the elements

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Workshop 3

Setting up a specialised class

Objectives :
Create consistency between the education team’s techniques and those of the family
Evaluate children in order to establish an efficient individualised education program
Plan ahead, organise and use the specific equipment required for each class
Choose a communication system suitable for each child’s situation and encourage him/her to use it
Use the ABA method to develop specific lessons
Guide towards regular schooling whenever possible

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Workshop 4

Communication and Verbal Behaviour

Objectives :
Understand the different communication methods in order to choose the most appropriate one
Apply the basic Skinner’s verbal operants (Verbal Behaviour 1957)
Organise the environment in order to encourage communication throughout the day
Teach the essential skills to communicate

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Workshop 5

Adults: communication strategies and application of the behavioural methods to improve quality of life

Objectives :
Teach the basics of the ABA method and apply it to adults
Develop a communication system adapted to the needs of each adult
Resolve the behaviour issues with a functional analysis
Use visual communication to explain the environment and gain more independence

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